Tuesday, 15 July 2014

There's been a murder...

Had a good night at the theatre on Friday courtesy of The Skinny mag .  Went to see Murder on Air by The Agatha Christie Players, great wee show.  

Also received my Havainas flip flops - now put by for holiday..

Saturday, 28 June 2014

2014 wins

I keep forgetting to take pics of wins so therefore I totally neglected this blog but I enjoy keeping this a record of wins to remind my why it is so worth the time involved...

So recent wins have included:

A DAB car radio from an Argos Facebook comp - will look to get this fitted in the next week or two

A mop lol .... (still it has come in handy) this was from one of the magazines daily comps

A lovely Le Creuset pie dish

Amazon vouchers from insurance company Cover for You

and from CarRentals facebook comp

Theatre Tokens from Appletiser - off to see Wicked in December at Edinburgh 

Also won a two night stay for a family room in Scottish Youth Hostels - plan to get this booked up for a wee trip away this summer.

So not too bad recently - it's still great fun no matter how big or small the wins are.